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CMS Quality of Patient Care Star Rating

Beginning in mid-July 2015, CMS is adding a Quality of Patient Care Star Rating to its Home Health Compare score reports. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the five-star rating system is designed to allow consumers, advocates, health care providers and others to easily distinguish between local providers and make meaningful use of available information about a home health agency. It is a response to the Affordable Care Act’s direction that clear, transparent information about quality of care be made available to the public.

How are the ratings determined?

Home health agencies must have at least 20 complete episodes of care for at least five of nine measures to receive a rating. In addition, an agency must have been certified for at least six months before the reporting period. The measures included in calculating star ratings are:

How can I use my rating?

Use positive outcomes to showcase your stellar performance to potential clients. Include your star rating on marketing collateral and use it to show how you compare to your competition.

You also can use your star rating along with your outcomes to convey to physicians, hospitals and other referral sources how a partnership with you will benefit their patients. Marketing your outcomes can help you establish a partnership that can increase your referrals and decrease the chance of a referral source incurring penalties for poor outcomes following a hospital discharge.

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In addition, CMS hopes that agencies will use the rating to identify areas where improvement may be needed.

When will ratings be updated?

Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings will be updated quarterly along with Home Health Compare score updates.

A second star rating, the CMS Patient Survey Star Rating, is based on the patient experience of care measures as reported in Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS) data.

Click here for a detailed CMS explanation of the new star rating system.

Where can I find my rating?

Your star rating is available in your Provider Preview Report, available through the CASPER system, according to a CMS FAQ. Find this through the CASPER Reporting link at the top of your HHA State Welcome Page and then click on the “Folders” button to access your report in the “st HHA facid” folder (“st” is your state’s abbreviation and “facid” is your state-assigned agency ID). For help locating this, call 800-339-9313 or email help@qtso.com.

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